Merlin Door Opener

Merlin Garage Door Opener

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Merlin has become one of the worlds leading manufacturers in the door opener industry through years of research and development. They are best known for their highly reliable Merlin Door Openers being as tough and durable as aesthetically pleasing. They are one of the cornerstone companies of Duchossois Industries, a diverse multi-national company that bears the added strength and financial stability of a billion dollar corporation.

Merlin Door OpenerThe Chamberlain Group Inc. boasts being the world’s largest manufacturer of not only residential door openers, but commercial door openers, access control products as well as gate openers. This speaks volumes of just how well regarded Merlin is in this industry, providing quality and innovation through and through.

Merlin Chamberlain’s ongoing commitment to improving all aspects of its business has amounted to overall excellence and a future of success. As a manufacturer of some of the worlds most reliable and efficient products, Merlin will continue to build on their reputation as an industry leader.

In closing, if you are looking for an opener, it is very tough to overlook a Merlin Door Opener.